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4145 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 877-1979

Wellswood Midtown Animal Hospital through Jackovet LLC is proudly announcing that we have been selected to Distribute the new line of Prescription Food totally manufactured in Italy "Forza10 Neutraceutics" in the Tampa Bay Area. Forza 10,developed by veterinarians, has been in Europe for more than 40 years and now is successfully being implemented in Veterinary practices in USA.

We have personally implemented most of the presentations like Immuno active, Dermo active, Colon support, Intestinal active diets in our Practice and the results we have found are amazing!Many Veterinarians have grown in their careers skeptical over the animal food Industry in general. Vets and pet owners have witnessed way too often, the struggles and the tragedies.

Common diseases such as dental disease, certain allergies, obesity, liver disease, toxicities and cancer make us question a likely connection between those and the way we feed our pets. Nobody have proved yet that all diseases are directly connected to inadequate nutrition, but ultimately, nutrition is a critical factor in the prevention and management of most conditions.

Having found an alternative line of diets than meet the highest quality standards, while addressing honest concerns from our clients who also question the ingredients in their pet's food, has been a wonderful personal discovery.

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